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Computer PC Club Korean Language Classes

2019.07.22 05:48

hwan Views:37

Korean language classes

Below are the Classes that will be taught in the Korean Language.  For more information contact Lorna Seung atkoreaneducationchair@thepcclub.org.  Walk-in registration will take place Aug 2nd at 9AM to 10AM at PC Club Learning Center.

Life with Advanced Useful Apps – 3 weeks  
Mondays 2 PM to 4 PM - Aug 12th thru Aug 26th, 2019 
Tuition $15 nonmember – $10 member
Instructor: Cheol Hwan Kim

Learning about following useful apps in real life:  YouTube, Maps, Translator, Calendar, Uber/Lyft, Unit Converter,)

Prerequisite: (Intermediate computer level or higher):

•        Basic knowledge of Android Smartphone/Tablets, iPhone/iPad or computer

   understand Korean Language


•        fully charged your own smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop

•        Android user: Google user ID & password

•        iPhone/iPad users: Google User ID & password, and Apple ID & password

Android Phone Tablet – 3 weeks
Fridays 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM Sept 6th through Sept 20th 
Tuition $15 nonmember – $10 member
Instructor: Lina Seo

We will be able to use the system with more finesse and efficiency - including:

Home screen management, widget for my Android Home Screen, smart phone, Photoshop, my YouTube, etc.


1. at least an elementary knowledge of computer operation

2. complete the basic Android class ***

3. ability to understand Korean Language. Must bring your own Android Phone.

 iPhone/iPad – 3 weeks 
Fridays 2 PM to 4 PM Aug 16th through Aug 30th
Tuition $15 nonmember – $10 member

Instructor: Lorna Seung

Learning about iOS updates, Siri, FaceTime, Calendar, Camera, Kakao Talk, Note,

1. Basic knowledge of iPhone/iPad 
2. understand Korean Language
•        Must bring fully charged your own iPhone/ iPad 
•        Must bring your Apple account user ID & password

Introduction to LWV Korean American Club Website 1 Time SIG
Wednesday 2-4 PM Aug 14th
Tuition $10 non-member – $0 member
Instructor: Sung Hwan Cho


Introduction to LWV KAC website (http://www.lagunawoodskac.com/)

1. Main menu

2. Bulletin boards

2.1 Sign up

2.2 Log in

2.3 Free board

2.4 Member only board

2.5 How to write on the board


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