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      Klemmena Filia

      Ποτέ μου δεν κατάλαβα
      τι κρύβεις στην ψυχή σου
      ποιον πόνο έχεις συντροφιά
      και δεν με θες μαζί σου

      Ακούς φωνές που σου μιλούν
      και ψέμματα σου λένε
      αχ! Κοίτα λίγο πλάι σου...
      δυο μάτια αλήθεια λένε

      Κλεμμένη ήταν η χαρά
      Κλεμμένα τα φιλιά σου
      Κλέψε τη δόλια μου καρδιά
      να ‘ρθω και ‘γω κοντά σου

      Τα μάτια μου δακρύσανε
      Γι’ αυτό σ’ αφήνω μόνο
      ποτέ μου εγώ δεν γνώρισα
      Αγάπη δίχως πόνο

      Stolen Kisses

      I have never understood
      What you hide in your soul
      Which pain follows you
      And you don’t want me with you

      You listen voices that talk to you
      But they are lying
      Oh! Look at your side...
      two eyes that just say the truth

      The happiness was stolen
      Your kisses were stolen
      Steal my own heart
      And I will come forever nearby you

      My eyes are full of tears
      That is why I leave you alone
      I have never met in my life
      Love without pain

Klemmena Filia (잃어버린 키쓰) by STAMATIS SPANOUDAKIS (그리스의 작곡가) from 영화 "Nifes"(=Brides),
노래 by Irontina. May 30, 2008

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