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한인을 위한 중급 PC 강좌

2014.08.28 10:24

admin2 Views:3200

Intermediate PC Skills (중급 PC 강좌)

2014 9 17 부터 10 15 (5주간)

한인을 위한  "Intermediate PC Skills" 강좌를

PCM Computer Room 에서 시작함을 알림니다.

Windows 7 & Internet5 weeks

Instructor : 성환


( Assistants : Ken Min, Lorna Seung, Jung In Seung, Young Kim, John Choi )

  Week 1 : Window 8.1, Start Screen, Moving Tiles, Tile Resizing, Desktop, Apps Screen, Store, Setting, Power Shot down, Keyboard shortcuts.

Week 2 : Files & Folders, Google Chrome – Internet, Search.

Week 3 : Accessories, Notepad, WordPad, Snipping Tool, Paint.

Week 4 : Gmail, Searching, You Tube, Wikipedia.

Week 5 : Control panel. Excel.


Wednesday 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Class begins September 17 to October 15


                          Class Registration

Sept. 4 (Thursday) 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM., In the Learning Center (PCM 3 층)

PC Club Annual Membership Fee (for 2014) : $ 10.00
Class Registration Fee (Intermediate PC Skills) $ 15.00
Member Fee와 Class Fee는 따로 check를 써야 합니다
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