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Claudia Jung

Je t'aime mon amour

Verliebt ist, wenn man trotzdem weint,
Das kommt bestimmt vom glucklich sein,
Ich geb'mich ganz in deine hand,
Das Herz ist starker als Verstand,
Je t'aime mon amour.

Ich kusse Dir die Augen zu,
Alles was ich jetzt brauch, bist immer nur du.


Wievele Stunden hat die Nacht,
Wenn meine Zartlichkeit erwacht,
Spr'wie die Warme deiner Haut,
Das Eis in meiner Seele taut,

Wieviele Stunden hat die Nacht,
Wenn dein Gefuhl mich hilflos macht,
Es gibt fur uns nur Liebe pur,
Ce soir je t'aime mon amour.


Bist mir ganz nah im Kerzenlicht,
Und diene Augen streicheln mich,
Ich lieg'in deinem Arm und Sag'
was ich sonst nur zu denken wag'
Je t'aime mon amour.......

I love you, my dear

In love is when you yet cry
That results for sure from being happy
I fully trust you with all my life
The heart is stronger than the reason
I love you, my dear

I kiss your eyes close
All that I need now is always just you


How many hours does the night have
When my tenderness awakens
Feel how the warmth of your skin
Thaws the ice of my soul


How many hours does the night have
When your feeling makes me helpless
For us there exists just pure love
This evening I love you, my dear


You are really close to me in the candle light
And your eyes caress me
I lie in your arms and say
What otherwise I only dare to think
I love you, my dear

Claudia Jung

(태어난 이름은 Ute Krumenast, April 12, 1964 in Ratingen, Germany에서 출생), 은 독일의 schlager singer 이며 정치인이다.

1974 부터 1980까지 Ratingen에서 Liebfrauenschule 라는 학교를 다녔다. 어릴때는 Guitar 를 배웠고 합창단에서 노래를 불렀다. 가수가 되기전에는 사진관에서 조수, 치과의사의 조수, 그리고 이태리에서 여행 가이드 노릇을 하며 살었었다. 가끔 직업적이 아닌 가수로서 노래를 불렀다.

1984 에 처음으로 musicproducer 인 Adam Schairer를 만나서 실험적인 녹음을 처음했고, 그후에 처음으로 독창을 발표했고 처음 Album을 1988에 발간했다.

그후, 일생동안 수많은 음악상을 받게된다.

She has also been granted various prizes such as the Echo-Preis, Goldene Stimmgabel and the Fred-Jay-Textdichterpreis. Jung has had duetts with many international stars including Richard Clayderman (e.g. “Je t’aime mon amour”), Rosanna Perinic (“Domani l’amore vincerà”), Nino de Angelo (“Hand in Hand”) and Cliff Richard (“Mistletoe and Wine”). She sings mainly in her native language, German, but has also interpreted songs in English, French and Italian.

Since November 2007 Claudia Jung has been the protector of a childcare project for traumatized children who have lost faith in themselves, other people and the surrounding world.

On March 2, 2008 에 Claudia Jung은Pfaffenhofen라는 county의 의원이 되었고, Gerolsbach라는곳의 시의원으로 일했고, September 28, 2008에 Landtag of Bavaria의 주의원으로 선출되었다.

Private life: Claudia Jung married the musicproducer Hans Singer in 1997. Together they have a daughter, Anna Charlotte. In 2004, she recorded a duett “Heut’ fliegt ein Engel durch die Nacht” with her daughter. The family has been living in a farm in Gerolsbach since 1998.
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