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PC Class Assistants Needed !!!

2013.02.24 00:17

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Dear Steven, KAC Secretary General
We have just completed the first 5 week PC Class with 30 resident students. We are commending all of them.
The class room is equipped with 20 computers, and about 10 laptops were brought in by students. There were one instructor and two assistant instructors, to serve for 30 students. 
Most of the students were first timers, eager to learn of PC/Internet functionalities, which are not familiar in the first place.
Each student has a very simple question/problem to resolve so that class can move forward to the next stage of the lecture.
The class needs a few more assistant instructors to help students get cleared on the spot from their bottleneck that they've got stuck. 
The PC class needs and welcomes compassionate volunteers to share the computer knowledge with fellow senior residents in the class.
The rewards are awesome to think about. --- I was blind, but now I see -- Amazing Grace:

Please contact the current teaching staff, if anyone is willing to help:
Ken Min, kenmin22@gmail.com
Sunghwan Cho, yuksa18@gmail.com
John Choi, john5160@gmail.com


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