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LWVKAC Board is open

2012.06.24 07:45

admin3 Views:45631

Welcome to the LWVKAC Bulletin Board.

This is the LWV Board manager. The LWV Board is open for free exchange of information and opinions among the LWVKAC members.


The writer (poster) shall be solely responsible for his/her own contents and the consequences of submitting the contents on this Board.

LWVKAC, Webmaster, or the Board manager do not warrant the correctness of the contents posted on the LWVKAC Board.


The contents may be written in English or Korean.

However, for the readers' convenience, it is recommended to write in English when the contents are in English, and vice versa.


The LWVKAC Board is for the exchange of information and the friendship among the LWVKAC members, not for disputes or arguments.

The LWVKAC Board manager can delete any contents that contain commercial advertisements, attack on other members, and/or are not not suited for the purposes of the LWVKAC Board.

이 게시판이나 웹에 관해 묻고 싶은 게 있으시거나 건의 할 게 있으시면 관리자3 (e-mail: yuksa18@gmail.com) 에게 문의 해 주세요.
Any inquiry as to this board and website or suggestions should be directed to Admin3 (e-mail: yuksa18@gmail.com). Thanks!