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라구나우드 한글학교 개강


라구나우드 한인회 역사상 처음으로 외국인에게 한글을 가르치는 한글학교가

라구나우드에서 1월8일 3시30분  PCM  ELM Room 에서 열렸다.

이날 게스트로 라구나우드 전.현 한인회장과 이사장 손기용씨를 비롯하여

오랜지카운티 한글학교를 지원하는 KOSS ORC 대표 최정인씨가 한글교재를 가지고 격려차

들리기도 하였읍니다.

30여명이 모인 크래스는 재미있게 진행 되였읍니다.

주강사 주강씨와 보조강사 길영환씨의 한국의지형및 한글의 역사를 소개 하기도 하고

강남스타일을 잠간 틀어 한국의 위상을 보여주어

모두가 재미있고 화기에 찬 가운데 첫날 수업이 끝났읍니다.


강의는 매주화요일 오후  3시30분부터5시30분까지입니다.

1/08/2013 김병희 보고 드립니다.



New Korean Language School opens in Laguna Woods Village


First time in the history of Laguna Woods Korean-American Association, they opened Korean Language School to teach Korean native language and it's "Hangul" alphabet to non-Koreans. At the Elm Room of the PCM building, the series of lessons started at 3:30 PM on January 8, 2013.


Visiting the first Korean class as guests were Dr. Ki-Yong Sohn, the director of the board of LWV Korean-American Association; Byung-Hee Kim, past president; Dr. Tai-Young Yoo, the current president of the same association.

Also attended to encourage the new Korean class was Jung-In Choi in behalf of KOSS ORC which supports Korean schools in Orange County. She brought a bunch of teaching supplies for Korean language class.


There were about 30 non-Korean students attending the first class. The teaching staff were Karl  Chu, the instructor and Young-Hwan Kihl, assistant instructor, residents in Laguna Woods. The class started with brief introduction of Korean geography and the history of Hangul.

Also played was a video of "Kangnam Style" to add a fun and vitalities to the class.


The Korean class will be held on every Tuesday from 3:30PM to 5:30PM.

Those who are interested in Korean Class, please get in touch with Karl  Chu, at 562-888-0099 (amunado@gmail.com),  or Young-Hwan Kihl, 949-462-9167 (ykihl@gmail.com).

Reported by Byunghee Kim, January 8, 2013




A Brief Summary about Hangul:


The Korean alphabet known as "Hangul", a group of Korean phonetic symbols, is known to be one of the easiest to learn. It is scientific and logical way of  expressing sounds in written symbols.

The original Korean alphabet (historically known as "Hoon-Min-Jung-Eum") was created by a king in the Lee Dynasty, "Se-Jong The Great" in 1443 AD. Not like English alphabet that was created by the gradual evolution over a long historical times, Hangul was created at once by a scientifically minded person or group to write Korean native language in phonetic symbols. It is known that Hangul is probably the only alphabet in the modern world, created from scratch, exclusively to write the sounds of a native language. That is why it is logical and is also very easy to adapt and apply to any other languages in the world.

For an average person, it may take just a few hours to learn to write most of the linguistic sounds. In Hangul, the basic principle of creating sounds is very similar to English alphabet. While modern English alphabet is made up of 26 symbols (or letters) with 5 vowel letters (A, E, I, O, U) and 21 consonant letters (B, C, D.... and the rest), the contemporary Korean alphabet is made up of 24 letters with 10 vowels and 14 consonants (but more alphabetical letters can be created by combining).

Though it can not produce all the sounds of the world languages (no other alphabets can do  such a feat anyway), it is very flexible and reasonably close in making most of the human linguistic sounds.

The "Hangul" is being used not only in Korea but also has been adopted in other parts of the world where people applied it to write their own native languages that only exsisted verbally. There has been worldwide interests in learning Korean alphabet, and, as the Korean names like Hyundai, LG, and Samsung becomes household words, there appears to be an increasing demand to learn Korean language as well.


January 9, 2013 by Steven, Laguna Woods Korean-American Association

Instructor, Karl  Chu (강사, 주 강)

Assistant instructor, Young-Hwan Kihl (강사, 길영환)

From KOSS ORC of Orange County, Jung-In Choi (최정인)



Photo by Byunghee Kim, January 8, 2013

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