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2014 PC Club Session-5 Computer Class in Korean 강좌 안내

강좌 일정 : ( October ~November 추후 알림)

PC Class Title: Video Production 동영상 편집

Instructor : Ken Min



                                   Class Description:

Student will learn utility of AVS software package. Video clips will be edited, and converted in a desired format, a video file will be produced. And the video file will be copied on DVD disc, or posted on YouTube, or LWV KAC website or other personal websites (own website, alumni website, e.g.)

One example is attached here for your view:

2013 Christmas Card from the Mins


Class Requirements:

Video production of our own is a life-long joy. These days, video camcorder or smart-phone can  record videos for any instances. In this class we start with our existing video files only. We don't cover how to take videos with camcorder/digital camera/smartphone.

(1) Fast Processor PC:
Evaluate your own hardware system for video processing. PC Processor (better than i-5?), computer memory(larger than 4 GB?), sound card/speaker equipped? optical drive equipped? video capture device (camcorder/smartphone?)

Most of the time, video clips (100 mega or giga-pixels) are very huge in file size, compared to photos (eg. mega-pixels). So editing or converting of video clips involves huge memory processing, and thus takes very long processing time. For a video clip of 20 minutes in high definition its file conversion takes about 45 minutes by a PC with i7 processor. Video processing needs a fast computing PC. If you plan on to purchase a PC, it is recommended to purchase a PC with i5 processor or i7 processor better. Faster the better.

PC Club's Learning Center has 20 desktop PCs, and are not loaded with AVS software package. We've been trying to communicate its need to get it installed. But not materialized yet.

(3) PC loaded with AVS in the Learning Center Class Room
It is necessary to have your own computer loaded with AVS package, to follow the instruction in the class. If one brings own laptop(hopefully i5 processor or better one) loaded with AVS software, this is most desirable for class operation. If one has desktop PC with fast processor(i5 or i7), loaded with AVS software, then the person may bring desktop PC box and connect monitor/keyboard/mouse in the Learning Center, but it may take time for extra 10-15 minutes. If some students are not familiar how to assemble/disassemble cables(monitor/keyboard/mouse/power), then it is recommended to learn how to do it, and come 15 minutes early to the class to get it ready. 

Pre-Registration Questions/Answers Session: During the next Registration week or one week before (the week of October 27), we plan on to help in the PC Club Workshop with any questions. Please let us know if you like to schedule an one-on-one meeting at the Workshop.

I'll volunteer to be in the workshop for 3 days 10-4PM. Day 1 for hardware questions, Day 2 for software questions. Day 3 for additional.

Prepared by Ken Min


  위의 프로그램 클래스에 관심이 있으셔서 수강을 원하시면 아래의 이메일 주소로

      연락을 주시면 class준비에 도움이 됩니다.  [ 수강신청은 PC Club일정에 의해 별도로 합니다]

   문의 : john5160@gmail.com

(2) AVS software package:
The AVS software package is available on line through: AVS4YOU  The package comes in about 17 different audio/video/image/utility software.
AVS is giving us a LWV student discount rate at $41.30 for unlimited subscription. This purchase is one time only and computer-specific only. Once on-line purchase onto a PC, the software package is not transferrable to another PC. There is no activation/deactivation available. It is recommended to get in downloaded/installed on your fast PC. I purchased 2 AVS packages, one for my desktop and another for my laptop. Even during my travel, I need to work on church worship service videos with my laptop PC. That was the reason.

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